The Baozza Bible

below you'll find some useful tips & videos to help you prepare and serve your baozza.


  • The Microwave

  • The Pan Fry

  • The Air Fry

  • Toasted / Baked

  • The Deep Fry

  • The Steamer Basket


    we usually recommend fluffing them up before trying to make the outside crispy; this allows the bao to maintain a soft interior.


    the insides can get super hot; let it sit inside the steamer bag and give the Baozza time to cool. bite slowly.


    though it's hard to choose... our team tends to go with pan-fried. highly recommend especially with a little red pepper flake base in the oil.

oops! accidentally opened the bag?

dont sweat it. we've got 2 options for you:

Paper Towel Method:
1. Put the Baozza on a plate
2. Fully cover with a damp paper towel
3. Microwave for 1 minute

Plastic Wrap Method:
1. Put the baozza on a plate
2. Cover in plastic wrap
3. Put a few drops of water on the plate next to the bao
4. Microwave for 1 minute