Baozza Beat #1

Baozza Beat #1

How much do you really know about Baozza? We’re not going to give you the long-winded story, so here are the sparknotes instead:

  • Alex Cree and Loren Heinold live in China for a combined 20 years
  • Alex puts pizza in a bao
  • Loren starts testing it in the kitchen of his Mexican restaurant chain in Beijing, Q Mex

Want to get even deeper into the current state of the brand, and see where the future of American grocery is taking us? Then check out this article we were featured in by Food Navigator!


Baozza Co-Founders Loren Heinold (left) and Alex Cree (right) serving an early version of the product to fans in Beijing, 2016


Thank you for continuing this journey with us, and for allowing Baozza to grow from just a few hundred stores to over 4000 in the last year. With even more --much bigger-- chains coming down that pipeline throughout the rest of 2022, we’re more than happy to offer you some sweet opportunities for free merch and pizza bao.

Please respond to this email with any questions at all, and let us know if you forwarded this to your friends.


The Baozza 包萨Team


Today’s question:
Would you rather deep fry or toast your Baozza?
Answer for a chance to win a free 2-pack!


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