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12 Baos (6x 2-Packs)

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Case of 12 Baozzas

If pepperoni pizza is king, Pepperoni Baozza is Emperor! Filled with rich, slow-cooked tomato sauce, gooey 100% real mozzarella, and a hearty dose of savory, tangy, finely-diced, premium uncured pork pepperoni wrapped inside their signature Italian herb-infused Baozza dough!

Baozza is a magical fusion of cheesy, gooey, pizza fillings inside a soft & fluffy bao bun that’s steamed, not baked. Easy to heat and easy to eat, Baozza uses only the finest quality cheeses, meats, slow-cooked sauces, and Italian herbs. The brainchild of founders Alex Cree and Loren Heinold, American expats living in Beijing, Baozza is a true fusion of East and West. It’s taken China by storm, and now it’s finally available in the US!


There are many ways to enjoy a baozza.

The Baozza Bible