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Italian Sausage

12 Baos (6x 2-Packs)

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Case of 12 Baozzas

Nothing compares to the aromatic and savory taste of ground pork sausage infused with fennel and other spices. The Italian Sausage Baozza features premium mild pork sausage crumbles, slow-cooked tomato sauce, gooey 100% real mozzarella, and bits of bell pepper and onion wrapped inside their signature Italian herb-infused Baozza dough!

Baozza is a magical fusion of cheesy, gooey, pizza fillings inside a soft & fluffy bao bun that’s steamed, not baked. Easy to heat and easy to eat, Baozza uses only the finest quality cheeses, meats, slow-cooked sauces, and Italian herbs. The brainchild of founders Alex Cree and Loren Heinold, American expats living in Beijing, Baozza is a true fusion of East and West. It’s taken China by storm, and now it’s finally available in the US!


There are many ways to enjoy a baozza.

The Baozza Bible